Café Havana

The tapas way of life and the Cuban mojito typify the dining experience at Café Havana, Larry J. Cruz's homage to Cuban life and everything people associate it with: hearty dishes that are easy on the pocket, drinks that go well with your food and cool you down on a sultry night.

The Cuban way of life has attracted many, and at Café Havana you can indulge your passion for things Cuban, whether it is for salsa and rhumba, pan-fried Spanish chorizo and paella, a hand-rolled Julieta, or just plain fun.




    Mariquitas de Platanos
    Crisp plantain banana slices done the Cuban way 

    Mariquitas de Boniatos
    A plantation favorite; fried sweet potato fries 

    Savory beef pies served with platanos. Great with our drinks!

    Nachos de Platanos
    Crisp plantain (saba) banana chips with tomatoes, onions, olives, chili ground beef, Jalapeno chili; topped with cheese sauce

    Black Bean Hummus
    Arabic dip with a Cuban twist; made with black beans, tahini, garlic, and olive oil; served with Mariquitas de Platanos 

    Ceviche de Salmon Picante
    Fresh salmon marinated in onions, garlic, and lime 

    Jamon Serrano
    Prime Spanish air-dried ham served with bruschetta 

    Spiced Skewered Sausages
    Hungarian sausage with capsicum, corn on the cob, platanos, and guava sauce 

    An old family friend’s version of the classic Spanish tripe and chorizo stew 

    Gambas al Ajillo
    Shelled shrimps sautéed in garlic and olive oil 

    Beef Salpicao
    Tenderloin tips sautéed in olive oil and garlic 

    Crunchy Cuban Calamari
    Deep-fried squid rings with our special coating and spicy sauce 

    Empanaditas de Espinaca
    Bite-size Cuban spinach pie with pine nuts and cheese 

    Havana Brushetta
    Jamon Serrano and fried eggplant with garlic on French bread; drizzled with balsamic cream 

    Chili Beef n’ Beans
    South of the border style minced beef and red beans; served with tortillas 

    Champignones al Ajillo
    Button mushrooms sautéed in garlic and olive oil 

    Chicharones à la Cubano
    Crisp-fried meaty pork cracklings Cuban style 

    El Sisig
    A Capampangan is loose in the Havana kitchen! Minced pork jowls with garlic and chilies 

    Gambas Fritos
    Crisp-fried shrimps served with sliced green chilies 

    Spanish style sausages fried in olive oil 


    Sopa de Ajo
    A light Spanish style garlic soup 

    Sopa de Calabasa
    Hearty pumpkin soup with red pimiento, bacon, and fried onions 

    Sopa de Camaron
    An exquisite bisque Cuban style 

    Sopa de Frijoles Negros
    Cuban style black bean soup 


    Pollo Buenavista (Good for 2 persons)
    Mixed lettuce with grilled chicken breast marinated in exotic spices, mangoes, and pears 

    Cuban Salad
    The house signature salad with mango and pear salsa 

    A-Z Salad
    Arugula, flakes of Parmegiano, and zucchini in lemon and olive oil dressing 

    Chechar’s Salad
    A Cuban tweak on the American Caesar’s salad 

    Havana Ensalada
    Avocado, rambutan, hard boiled eggs, assorted greens, and cherry tomatoes with a raspberry mayo dressing


    Caribbean Style Salmon with Mango Mambo Salsa
    Fillet of salmon with mango and grain mustard sauce, served with squid ink rice 

    Baked Blue Marlin Con Patata
    Baked fillet on a bed of potatoes and onions with a piquant tomato-capsicum topping 

    Prawns in Garlic
    Tiger prawns sautéed in olive oil, paprika, and lots of garlic; served with steamed rice 

    Spare Ribs Habanera
    Original baked spare ribs served with our unique guava sauce 

    Ropa Vieja
    Spanish for old clothes, it is shredded beef stewed in tomato, onions, and spices;served with Moros y Cristianos, a Cuban-style rice with black beans and fried platanos 

    Arroz à la Cubana
    Meat piccadillo with raisins and olives; served with platanos, buttered rice, and fried egg 

    Cuban Stew “Encendido”
    The hands down favorite! A spicy Cuban stew of oxtail, ox tongue, tripe, and chorizo

    Adobong Kambing
    So good it gets your goat when the waiter says "out of stock". Goat meat stewed in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic

    Lengua Estofada
    Ox tongue with olives and mushroom sauce 

    Chuletas de Pollo con Arroz Mejicano
    Delicious chicken breast topped with sautéed onions and served with Mexican style rice and garlic stewed tomatoes 

    Filete de Vaca al Ajillo
    Grilled beef tenderloin topped with garlic; served with Mexican rice, sautéed corn, and mushrooms 

    Chicken Casablanca (Good for 2 to 3 persons)
    Honey cinnamon flavored chicken on a bed of couscous; served with a side salad 

    Pepper Steak Hemingway
    Grilled tenderloin with pepper sauce; finished with a dash of brandy 

    Grilled U.S. Black Angus Rib Eye
    Served with Moros y Cristianos (Cuban-style rice with black beans),
    fried platanos, corn on the cob, and our special mojo sauce 

    Grilled Prawns
    Served with Moros y Cristianos (Cuban-style rice with black beans),
    fried platanos, corn on the cob, and our special mojo sauce 

    Grilled Half Boneless Chicken
    Served with Moros y Cristianos (Cuban-style rice with black beans),
    fried platanos, corn on the cob, and our special mojo sauce 


    Paella Marinara (Good for 2 to 3 persons)
    Assorted seafood with vegetables 

    Paella Valenciana (Good for 2 to 3 persons)
    With chicken, pork, shrimps, clams, capsicum, and green beans 

    Vegetarian Paella (Good for 2 persons)
    With zucchini, capsicum, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and tomatoes 


    Spaghetti Papa Hemingway’s
    Spaghetti with blue marlin sautéed in garlic, olive oil, and paprika 

    Home-Made Fettuccine with Fresh Salmon
    Green fettuccine with salmon cream sauce topped with red caviar 

    Rigatoni with Gorgonzola Cheese
    Tubular pasta with creamy Italian blue veined cheese 


    Hearty Cuban Sandwich with Soup
    Hot sandwich with Swiss cheese, roasted pork loin, and smoked ham;
    comes with a soup of your choice 

    Saboroso Burger Sliders
    Three mini Latino burgers topped with onions, tomatoes, pepperoni
    sausage, and mozzarella cheese; served with fries and jalapeño peppers 

    Mushroom Pizzaiola
    Shiitake, button, and wood ear mushrooms on toasted ciabatta bread
    with tomato and Parmesan cheese; served with fried sweet potato 

    Ham and Cheese with Pesto
    Ham and Emmenthal cheese on toasted ciabatta bread; served with
    tomatoes, cucumber, and onion salad with pesto balsamic dressing 

    Tenderloin Steak Sandwich
    Grilled beef tenderloin with green and red bell peppers, onions,
    and Emmenthal cheese on white bread

    Spiced shrimp patties in small buns, served with Tex-Mex french fries and cherry tomatoes  


    Guyaba Pie
    Exotic guava pie served warm with whipped cream on the side 

    Fidel’s Smokeless Cigar
    Fidel Castro has given up cigars. He lit up instead with a smokeless cigar 

    Cuban Love Boat
    Three kinds of ice cream on a boat of delight 

    Yankee Decadence
    When the American mafia still controlled Cuba,
    they fattened themselves with a rich chocolate cake like this 

    Banana Republic
    A crusty pastry with Cuban-style platanos and vanilla ice cream 

    Pudin de Pan Habanero
    Our homemade Cuban version of bread pudding 

    Crepes con Piña
    Pineapple stuffed crepes 

    Fresh Fruit Platter
    Sliced fresh fruits of the season 

    Fried seafood served with fried sweet potatoes and crisp banana; served with parsley mojo and spicy cocktail dip

    Fried chicken wings marinated in spices and mango; served with mango-mustard sauce

    Spaghetti sautéed with chorizo, basil, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese

    Simmered in coconut curry sauce with bell peppers and served with fried banana and steamed rice

    Cinnamon flavored banana fritters served with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate mint sauce

    Served with sautéed black beans, buttered quinoa, and mango relish

    Stewed guavas stuffed with cream cheese on a bed of rich guava syrup


Greenbelt 3

Ground Floor, Makati City

Sunday to Thursday: 11AM to 2AM
Friday to Saturday: 11AM to 3AM

Lunch Buffets
Monday to Friday : 11AM to 2PM


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