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Fely J's

Fely J's Kitchen, a restaurant dedicated to the memory of Felicidad de Jesus-Cruz, mother of LJC Group founder Larry J. Cruz, features Fely J's treasured recipes picked up in her travels. The restaurant offers a variety of Filipino and Asian dishes served Fely J’s style: fresh, natural and attractive. The Restaurant is famous for its Dilis-cious Rice, Bistek ng Kano, Lengua Rendang, Crispy Patang Bawang and Tilapia in Sweet Plum Sauce.




    Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls
     Fresh rice paper rolls stuffed with vegetables, shrimps, and pork; served with peanut and Thai sauce   245

    Sizzling Sisig
    Tender pig’s minced cheeks sautéed in spices and served in a sizzling plate   195

    Lumpiang Sariwa
    Julliened coconut heart, vegetables, pork, and shrimps  in a crepe; served with traditional peanut garlic sauce   125

    Fried Calamares
    Deep fried squid rings served with sweet chili sauce   255

    Crispy Swahe
    Crisp fried young unpeeled shrimps   205

    Gambas Tisoy
    Shrimps sautéed in olive oil and garlic   330            

    Tokwa’t Baboy
    Deep fried bean curds with pork ears and cheeks; served with chili vinegar & soy sauce   145

    Pacific Tanigue and Mango Kilawin
    Sliced raw kingfish with ripe mangoes, mint, coriander and lemon vinaigrette   298


    Fely J’s Sinigang
    Choice of classic or rich guava broth

    Boneless Bangus   399                                        

    Pork Rib   395                                            

    Prawns   650                                              

    Utan Ilonggo                                                 
    A Visayan style vegetable soup dish with clams, shrimps, lemon grass, malungay and saluyot leaves   260


    Thai Shrimps And Pomelo
    Exotic blend of pomelo and shrimps with peanuts and mint   270

    Ensalada Ni Nanay
    Salted egg, okra, eggplant, tomatoes, green mango, onions and bagoong guisado   165

    Crunchy Paco (Seasonal)
    Forest fern sprouts made into a delightful salad with shrimps   235

    Green Papaya Salad
    With cherry tomatoes, carrots, green beans, peanuts, dried shrimps  with a light Asian dipping sauce   105


    Tilapia with Sweet Plum Sauce        
    If Abe has Binukadkad na Pla Pla, Fely J has an equally delightful way with St. Peter’s Miracle Fish   399

    Sugpo Sa Kamias                           
    Mildly curried prawns with tomato and kamias   650

    Sedap Pompano (Malaysian Style)                
    Fried pompano with our unique spiced sauce sautéed with onions and curry leaves   125/100g

    Piniritong Hito                                    
    Catfish deep-fried and served with balo-balo   295

    Seafood Kare-Kare
    The guilt free and healthier way to enjoy kare-kare   545

    Lola Ising’s Adobo                         
    Crisp pork adobo with lots of garlic; “The secret of Fely J’s long life.”   425

    Crispy Patang Bawang                    
    Traditional favorite pork leg deep fried and served with a special dipping sauce   650


    In the 80’s, a bunch of gourmets formed the Kare-Kare Klub. This was their star dish – tripe, oxtail, and vegetables stewed in peanut sauce served with sautéed bagoong   595

    Bistek Tagalog Ng Kano                   
    Thinly sliced U.S. Black Angus sirloin pan-fried in olive oil, garlic, kalamansi, onion rings, and soy sauce   885

    Lechon Kawali                                   
    Crisp fried pork belly served with lechon sauce and atchara   399

    Lamb Kaldereta                             
    Stewed lamb with capsicum, onions, and olives   455

    Beef Mechado                               
    Slow cooked, tender beef roulade stuffed with pork fat in rich tomato sauce   399

    Lengua Rendang                                 
    Indonesian style, fork-tender ox tongue simmered in spiced coconut cream sauce   399

    Beef Smoores
    Sri Lankan style U.S. Beef top blade pot roast with curry and coconut milk   495

    Binagoongang Baboy                        
    Pork meat simmered in garlic and finished with just the right amount of sautéed fermented small shrimps   325


    Rickshaw Crab
    Slivers of ginger and scallions stir-fried for that traditional Chinese taste   198/100g

    Black Pepper Crab
    Uniquely delicious sautéed with garlic, ginger, and black pepper   190/100g

    Fely J's Temple Crab
    Fresh fried alimango crab on a mound of rice, topped with golden fried garlic   190/100g

    Sweet Chili Crab
    Finger licking Singapore style crabs   190/100g


    Chicken Saté
    Marinated chicken meat with spices and served with an exotic peanut sauce 255

    Pork Saté
    Marinated pork meat with spices and served with an exotic peanut sauce 285

    Chicken “mabuting” Inasal
    Ilongo inspired grilled chicken marinated in garlic, calamansi, and spices 380

    Pork Liempo
    Pork belly marinated in garlic, vinegar, and spices 225    


    Kangkong stems stewed with shrimps in coconut cream   265

    Tortang Talong                                 
    Roasted egg plant with ground pork omelet   195

    Ginataang Gulay At Hipon         
    Shrimps and vegetables sautéed with ginger and spices then finished with coconut cream   255

    Gule Magalang                            
    An Abé special vegetable dish from the old hometown   255

    Ginataang Nangka at Lamang Dagat
    Our love affair with coconut milk continues, this time with tender jackfruit meat and seafood   325

    Fresh Wok Veggies
    Broccoli and shitake mushrooms stir-fried with ginger and onions, in a light oyster sauce   275

  • RICE

    Piña Rice                                          
    Fried rice with chicken, shrimps, pork chorizo and pineapple   265

    Nasi Goreng (Good for 3-4 person)                        
    Indonesian country style fried rice with squid, cabbage, and bokchoy, with choice of:

    Beef   425
    Chicken   375

    Fely J’s Dilis-cious Rice                   
    Dilis deep-fried with taosi and generously topped on steaming rice   225

    Sisig Fried Rice                                   
    Garlic fried rice with savory sisig   275

    Garlic Rice                                        
    Steamed rice with sautéed garlic in olive oil   65

    Steamed Rice                                 
    Premium fragrant rice   55

    Brown Rice                                
    A healthy option   65


    Fely J’s Halo-Halo                              
    Fely J’s cooler version of stewed fruits, leche flan, milk, and shaved ice   130

    Sikreto Ni Maria Clara                  
    Served at Bistro Remedios in Malate for the past 20 years!   175

    Minatamis Na Saging                
    Sweet saba banana with milk   75

    Sans Rival                                     
    Rich meringue layered cashew and butter cake   185

    Claude’s Dream                                                   
    Macapuno cream with coconut meat and pandan jelly   140          

    Chocolate Decadence
    A rich chocolate cake with caramel filling; served with chocolate sauce    225

    Cassava Bibingka with Buko                                             
    Homemade tapioca cake with young coconut   120

    Fresh Fruit Platter                                            
    A selection of fresh fruits to enjoy   195

    Ice Cream Selections                                           
    (Kindly ask your service attendant regarding our available flavors)   75

    Leche Flan
    Caramel custard, old Manila style   95

    Maja Blanca
    Coconut based custard with corn   105

    Canonigo with Mango Balls
    Caramel merengue with custard sauce and mango balls   145


    Soft Shelled Crab Salad THAI Style
    Served with a salad of green papaya, mango, cucumber, carrots, peanuts, coriander and basil with Thai sweet fish sauce   225

    Sweet Sour Lychee Shrimps
    Peeled shrimps with vegetables and lychees   495

    Braised U.S. Beef Short Ribs with Radish
    Slow cooked beef ribs with radish and Chinese spices   695

    Homemade Suman with Mango
    Bean, pandan, and coconut flavored rice cakes on palm sugar sauce; topped with mango and coconut cream   155


Greenbelt 5

2nd Level, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City
(02)7288858 (02)7288878

11AM to 11PM
with Function Room


2/F Uptown Mall, 9th Avenue cor 36th St, BGC, Taguig City
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